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Why are we different and better than others?

Country estate Trnulja reflects our way of living, which is based on a philosophy of peaceful and balanced cohabitation with nature, the principles of which we will gladly share with you.

All of our buildings and facilities were entirely built in accordance with the principles of sustainable green architecture and by using ecological natural materials (predominantly wood). We used biodegradable building materials.

The following carefully chosen technical details were incorporated into the construction and decoration of our holiday apartments:


Natural brushed wood
For the construction and interior decoration of our holiday apartments we used spruce and alder wood.
Alder is an indigenous tree to the Ljubljana Marshes. For the tailor-made furniture we used wood from the trees cut down on our country estate. As for the furniture design, our goal was to preserve the natural features of wood as much as possible. All of the headboards, backrests and kitchen worktops were hand-made and given a natural rustic finish. The lines are not straight - they follow the growth rings instead.

Wooden framework with hemp insulation
All of the internal and external walls are part of the wooden framework, which is insulated with our own organically grown and processed hemp. Hemp fibre is an ecological alternative to conventional insulating materials with excellent insulating properties:
- it maintains a pleasant indoor climate in all seasons,
- provides good sound insulation and prevents the transmission of noise,
- excellent diffusion properties guarantee automatic moisture regulation for a healthy and agreeable indoor climate,
- hemp processing is clean and low on dust, which makes hemp agreeable to the skin,
- it does not require chemical treatment against mould or insects,
- it is an eco-friendly, sustainable, renewable raw material of natural origin,
- extremely durable natural product.

Clay plaster
Clay plaster is a natural, durable and reusable material with low environmental impact. Applying clay plaster is similar to applying other plasters, except that clay plaster can be used unprocessed, without any addition of harmful chemicals.
The natural colour of clay plaster creates a feeling of warmth in our home, while the rounded edges soften its general appearance. We applied clay plaster by hand onto wooden and other mineral surfaces.
As a natural building material, clay has excellent technical properties:

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Interior design

The kitchen
Glass above the kitchen work top symbolically connects the kitchen with our fields. In each holiday apartment, there is a different photo mural above the kitchen worktop, which depicts the grain after which the apartment was named. All of the photos for the murals were taken in our fields.

There are quite a few interesting details in the bathroom, which tell the story of the Ljubljana Marshes, its enchanting nature and history of specific home construction.
All of the clay washbasins were hand-made and hand-painted with a motive of a sloe berry branch, which is included in the logo of the country estate Trnulja. Bellow the glass shelf which is placed underneath the washbasin, there is an unusual decoration with stones, which we hand-picked from the local River Iška. The river flows into the River Ljubljanica 700 metres from our country estate. Here is a little secret about the glass shelf which is discreetly placed underneath the washbasin: it is positioned atop the piles from the old house which used to stand here. The recycled old piles were also used as a base for the brass tap on the washbasin.
We tried to bring some of the freshness of the stunning gorge Iški Vintgar by placing photos of its bubbling pools into the shower cabin. Each bathroom is decorated with a different photo motive.
Another interesting fact about the bathrooms: we decided not to follow the usual practice of using tiles on the floor and the walls. Instead, we incorporated some new trends, which mirror our preference for a healthy, sustainable and natural lifestyle. We used clay plaster to protect the walls and a special technique of application makes them washable.
Our aim was to use naturally occurring materials which have a positive influence on our health and well-being. It is well-known that clay absorbs harmful substances and regulates moisture, which eliminates the need for vapour barriers in the bathroom. Not only is clay plaster perfect for high moisture areas like bathrooms, it is also recommended for other living spaces. Due to its hygroscopic properties, it maintains a constant moisture and prevents development of moulds and bacteria, which can cause different diseases.

The bedroom
Hemp pillows and mattresses
Conventional mattresses are treated with dangerous chemicals, such as formaldehyde, polyurethane, petrochemicals and volatile organic compounds. Not only do these substances pollute the environment during the manufacturing process, they also have detrimental effects on our health.
Hemp mattresses and pillows, on the other hand, pose no such risks. They are completely natural and ensure quality sleep. Hemp fibre is highly hygroscopic, which means it is very effective in absorbing moisture. As a result, the mattress stays dry and warm even if the person suffers from excessive sweating. Hemp pillows and mattresses are very durable and they help maintain proper body temperature during sleep. They are naturally resistant to mould growth and have anti-bacterial properties. To sum things up, they are skin-friendly and good for your health.

Other equipment

Hemp textile
Hemp is easy to grow and does not need chemicals, such as herbicides or pesticides, to thrive. As a result, it is becoming an increasingly popular textile choice for environmentally conscious people. Hemp is an extremely durable fibre, which can minimise or even stop the growth of certain fungi and bacteria. Hemp’s superior absorbency make it very breathable and quick drying. It rapidly absorbs perspiration and wicks the moisture away from the body. It is an ideal textile for bed linen - in winter, it makes us feel warm, while in the summer it feels cooler than other materials. At the country estate Trnulja, we are proud that our bed linen, curtains, tablecloths and towels are made from high quality hemp textile. Because we want the best for our guests, we want you to enjoy organic, healthy and comfortable luxury during your stay with us.

Hand-painted clay lights
We asked artisan craftsmen to design, create and hand-paint wall lights, table lights and ceiling lights from clay for all of our holiday apartments. All of them are decorated with hand-carved motives of a sloe berry branch from the logo of our country estate. Lights are fastened to the ceiling with natural hemp ropes, which are known for great load capacity.

Interior decoration
We hired a number of artisan craftssmen to decorate our house and holiday apartments. Some of them made clay tiles with relief carvings of grains, others created decorations from corn husks. On the walls, old framed photos tell stories of life and work at the Ljubljana Marshes.

Green decoration in the atrium
The greens planted in the atrium in front of the holiday apartments are part of a small herbal garden, in which you can discover what herbs grow on our soil. All of them have labels with names of the plants.


The architectural characteristics of construction can be explained in several segments. Our goal was to preserve as much as possible the architectural traditions of our region. We incorporated the typical architectural elements of local farmhouses, but used environmentally friendly building materials.

The oldest construction style - wooden façade
We decided that our house should stylistically emphasise the authenticity of its environment. The building was built following the model of the 19th century Tomaževa hiša (Tomaž House), the oldest house in the village Crna vas. Visitors are immediately struck by the beauty of the logs which decorate the larger part of the façade.
The spruce logs were obtained from the hillsides of Logarska dolina, which is one of the most beautiful valleys in Slovenia. The trees were cut down at the height of 1,300 metres to ensure exceptional quality of the wood. As a point of interest, the spruce trees felled for our construction were cut down by following the old lore of cutting down trees three days after the new moon.

Clay brick entrance
Clay brick (in colloquial Slovene we call them ''modularc'') give the entrance a timeless natural beauty. For a long time, unplastered brick facades were a typical feature of houses in Crna vas. By creating this kind of clay brick entrance, we wanted to preserve and incorporate part of the old tradition.

Typical elements of countryside cultural heritage
Strong overhanging eaves are part of the cultural heritage of old Slovenian farmhouses.
We wanted to preserve the architectural characteristics by using natural materials and taking into account the typology of the local farmhouses. Overhanging eaves are a typical element of traditional farmhouses and run along the entire building. The facade is classically smooth and, with its gentle yellow hue, emphasises the beauty of spruce logs.

Stone masonry foundation
We used local stone to build stone masonry foundation. Granite is a granular igneous rock which has been used extensively in construction due to its due to its high durability and aesthetic qualities.

Timber piles for support
Timber piles have been used to support buildings in the Ljubljana Marshes for a long time. Recycled timber piles are not important just because of their visual characteristics, but also because they support the logs.

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